Getting started: Using GeoSafe Mobile for iPhone

Browse calls

Tap Calls in the lower left corner to view the Calls list. The list of calls are grouped by localities, with your own calls at the top.

Browse call details

Tap on a call in the list to view its details. The call details show the location of the call, the units assigned, dispatcher notes, and other call information.

Changing your status

If enabled by your agency, timestamp buttons (Available, On Scene, En Route) let you change your status. The status change may take up to 10 seconds to be processed by the CAD system.

Browse units

Tap Units in the lower left corner to view the Units list. The list of units are grouped by agencies, with your own units at the top.

Each unit is color coded based on their status.

Color Status
Green Available
Blue En Route
Red On Scene
Yellow Departed Scene

Browse unit details

Tap on a unit in the list to view its details. The unit details show the unit ID, status, and presence of the unit. To chat with the user, tap  Send Message.

Changing settings

Tap the Settings button

From here, you can change your password, filter call types, and select agencies.

Selecting additional agencies

Scroll the settings to see a list of localities you have access to. Tap on a locality to view the agencies you can select.

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